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Scoute is a dental search and booking platform, with a fully integrated patient management system for your clinic

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Why join Scoute?

Direct Bookings

Book consultations and screenings direct to clinic schedules

Deliver interactive treatment plans

Create and share quotes, files and assessments

Store and share files and scans

Use digital health records to manage patient files, pictures and X-rays

Verified patient reviews

Grow your clinic reputation on a global platform

Grow your clinic today with Scoute

Assess Patients Online

Assess new patients, deliver quotes, discuss treatment options and book appointments - all on one platform

Manage Your Clinic

Chart your clinic revenue and growth, Manage your clinic schedule, patient files and correspondance seamlessly - great for small practises or large operations

Access Files Flexibly

View your patient files remotely when creating assessments. Share new files, scans and appointments directly to patient profiles

What dental teams say about Scoute

We cant wait for Scoute to launch, it’s really easy and intuitive to use

Shawn Carter
Founder and principaldentist, Marcy clinic

We cant wait for Scoute to launch, it’s really easy and intuitive to use

Founder and principaldentist, Marcy clinic

A transparent pricing scale for clinics of all sizes

We believe in simple and straightforward pricing. Scoute uses a pay per quote model designed to suit everyone.

Our starter plan includes:

  • 5GB storage
  • Pay as you quote
  • Clinic analytics
  • Files securely stored and backed up

Pay as you quote

1% quote value

For example, a quote of £6000 will be charged at a fee of 1% or £60

Thats it. No commissions, or additional fees.

No quote requests?
Pay nothing until you do.

Minimum quote fee is £10

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