Scoute FAQ


Scoute is a fully integrated healthcare search engine and quoting system. Essentially, it's a one-stop-shop for all your dental health needs.
Scoute connects patients looking for quality dental treatment with clinics that offer it. Patients can find, compare and book the right medical treatment for them – anywhere in the world.
We've made it simple to set up a clinic profile on Scoute. Once you've created a log-in, follow our integrated step-by-step guide through each aspect of your profile. This includes adding pictures and your clinic's logo as well as information on your services. The aim is for your clinic to look as professional and approachable as possible.
Our top tip is to make sure you include lots of friendly and welcoming photos of your practice and clinic staff. We encourage you to invest in professional photography. To increase the number of visits and quotes you receive, make sure your clinic profile is fully completed, including all staff information. And, once patients start interacting, it’s important to respond to quote requests and messages within 48 hours. Prompt responses will help improve your rating and search rank on Scoute.
Scoute will launch in English but watch this space for more options in the future.
For dental professionals, Scoute’s full functionality works on desktop and in the tablet view. Our mobile version enables patient/clinic messaging and access to reviews only. Patients will have full access to Scoute’s functionality on desktop, tablet or mobile. An app is not currently in development.
Medical tourism is the term used for patients travelling outside of their country of residence to undertake medical treatment. Increasingly, people are combining this with a taking a holiday. 16 million people travelled as medical tourists in 2017 and that number is expected to rise by 25 per cent each year. That’s why we’ve developed Scoute, to make it easier for dental tourists to find the right clinic for them, anywhere in the world.
Scoute makes it easy for patients to search and compare dentists all on one site. Rather than having to do extensive research, they can use one platform to find what they need. By being on Scoute, you will have access to thousands of these patients actively seeking treatments. And, until you share a quote, you pay nothing to list on the site.
This analysis of your Scoute profile will not be available at launch but is something we plan to introduce soon.
We value trust and safety above all else here at Scoute, which is why we review every clinic before they can join the platform. We conduct online research and speak with clinic managers to confirm we're happy that the dental practice is right for Scoute's patients. And, all UK dental professionals on Scoute must be registered with the General Dental Council.


Scoute's pay-per-quote model is a transparent pricing scale that works for dental clinics of all sizes. Scoute charges a 0.5 per cent fee on the value of the quote shared between you and your potential patient. A minimum £10 fee applies. But that's it. There are no setup costs, monthly subscriptions, or hidden fees because we believe in simple and straightforward pricing.
Put simply, no. We believe in simple and straightforward pricing.
Scoute is not liable for any refunds associated with treatments quoted by clinics.


By using Scoute's integrated system, you can make bookings all in one place. Once the patient has approved a quote, Scoute will invite you to book an appointment.
Yes, Scoute integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Google calendar.

Patient interaction

Within your Scoute clinic profile, you have access to a real-time chat service. You can use it to communicate with patients as well as your clinic team. Log-in to use the chat service at a time that suits you, from anywhere.
Thanks to Scoute's patient/clinic chat service, you can interact and build a rapport with your potential customer before they've even arrived at your clinic. By communicating in this way, you'll quickly understand if a patient is genuinely looking for treatment.
Yes, sometimes we all need to switch off. If you're going to be offline but want to make sure you don't miss a lead, you can add an automatic response which lets the patient know when you'll be back or direct them to a colleague.
Here at Scoute, we understand the frustration felt by patients and dentists concerning the difficulty of sharing medical records. We've designed our Electronic Health Records system with security and ease in mind. You can use the secure cloud-based system to share CAD files, photos, X-rays, smile designs, and patient reports between the clinic, and the patient.
Scoute's EHR system runs on Amazon S3.
We want to give patients the freedom to be as honest and transparent as possible. Therefore, we do not vet patient reviews before they go live. However, only patients who have booked an appointment or received treatment at your clinic can leave you a review. We’ve designed Scoute this way to help reduce falsified or damaging reviews.
Yes, you can respond to all your reviews on Scoute. If you feel a review is unfair or incorrect and would like it removed, please contact a member of the Scoute team, and we will investigate.


Multiple members of your clinic team will be able to access your clinic profile on Scoute, and any amends will be synced across all users. However, any changes to settings can only be completed by the designated admin for the clinic account.
A. You can contact the Scoute customer service team on
Absolutely! We want to make Scoute accessible to everyone. It’s also important to us that we support you and your business as best as possible. We therefore positively encourage feedback and suggestions for improvements.