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Scoute is a fully integrated search and quoting platform. We offer our patients and clinics online quoting, messaging and easy file sharing using cloud based patient and clinic profiles

Connect with your patients, anywhere

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Patients searching for treatment can find your clinic and request quotes, treatment plans and book appointments direct, using a personal health profile

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Scoute allows your team to manage each patient more flexibly

Synchronise your team, update your locum staff and use cloud based records to help your patients from anywhere

View patient status, treatments and booking requests

Get quote requests via email and direct to your clinic profile - interested patients can share status and files directly with clinics they have selected for treatment

Schedule and manage patient appointments

Confirm appointments, update treatment schedules and manage clinic time direct via shared calendar

Update and share patient files and scans

After delivering the best course of care, upload newly created files and scans directly to each patient's health profile

Keep patients upto date and make finding treatment easier

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